Shoemaker & Straw, PLLC: Serving All Of Lynchburg

Since 2009 Shoemaker & Straw, PLLC, has provided legal services that are ethical in practice and based on integrity. Our goal is to provide professional representation for the people of Lynchburg, for those who need estate planning or business contract help to those in dire legal circumstances. Since we, partners Gary L. Straw and Jason Shoemaker, are Lynchburg natives, we deeply understand this community, its history, dynamics and values.

Professional, "No Fluff" Representation

We believe that our service is to provide a thorough understanding of the law, diligent representation and friendly service that is always professional. We base our legal advice on realistic goals while taking the most efficient route to resolution based on our client's goals. That is why we offer a free consultation in personal injury, auto accidents and criminal defense.

All Walks Of Life

At Shoemaker & Straw, PLLC, we don't believe that professional legal representation is just for the rich or well-connected. We believe everyone should receive effective and affordable services, especially those who need it the most. Our law firm is unique because we focus in on what we do best. We don't practice in every area of law but we do serve every type of person.

A True Partnership

At Shoemaker & Straw, PLLC, we are true firm partners and we work together on everything. Gary has taught constitutional law and is highly focused on criminal defense, accidents, and personal and family law. Jason has extensive real world construction experience and concentrates on real estate law, transactions and small-business law. The combined experience and knowledge that is brought to bear on each case is like having an attorney with 20 years of experience.

Deep Community Roots

Our families are all from the area and we have deep Lynchburg roots. Gary and his wife and children are active in the local schools and are big supporters of high school athletics program. Jason and his wife volunteer and are active with the local humane society and church outreach. We have seen the positive effects of sports and extracurricular activities on Lynchburg youth. Keeping kids involved and active not only inside but outside of the classroom are both key to improving our community. We are dedicated to this cause.

Dedicated To Serving Our Clients

At Shoemaker & Straw, PLLC, we are prepared. We listen. We will diligently pursue a positive resolution to your case. We know the stress and anxiety our clients feel when they don't know what the legal process is and what to expect. We answer our calls and respond promptly, usually within 24 hours or less. We are honest and upfront with you about what you can reasonably expect and what we can do for you from the start. We offer weekend appointments and will come to your home or hospital room if you are unable to come to see us. Click on the links below to find out more about us.

A System Built On Fairness

We are passionate about a system built on fairness that works for the most of us and for the least of us. Our system is predicated on it working for everyone. If the Virginia system does not work for the person in the most dire circumstances then it will not work for you and me. When we do our job well the system has worked and our clients are satisfied. Call us today and find out how we can help you. Call to speak with a lawyer. Serving Lynchburg and the surrounding communities.